Daniel reasa (dreasa)

I started climbing at Camp Forest Spring in One year at youth camp I went to that wall and I climbed. I climbed a ton. I was in great shape after that week.

Ciorba de pui a la grec

I never really stopped climbing after that week. Lots of people in my life, both at camp and back home, were into climbing. I sort of just kept on climbing. Then I built a bouldering wall in my basement. There was no going back after that. I don't really know what I love so much about climbing. The Adrenaline is nice, but there is more to it than that.

That feeling during a dynamic move when you will fall if you don't make the grab. The looking down and flipping out. The burn in your arms as you try to hold on. If I could only choose one sport for the rest of my life, it would be an easy choice. Tennis, the only sport I play that I can actually play into my 80's. I've played soccer about as long as I can remember.

From a little tyke to a Sophmore in high school, I don't think I really missed very many seasons. I never really thought that I loved the sport; I wasn't a great athlete and the effort it took to be good was more than I was willing to give.

Playing intermural in College has taught me that I do love the sport though. No I am an all around athlete and I really enjoy playing. Another thing that I was introduced to at CFS.

After playing at youth camp I had to get more, so I bought a marker and started paintballing back home with some friends.I have been programing for 6 years, and know several languages.

The languages I know are listed above.

daniel reasa (dreasa)

They are ordered from most to least proficient, with Java being my best language and CSS and JavaScript being my newest languages. In I went on a missions trip to Guatemala and while there I was able to communicate with the locals well enough to shop effectivly, and orchestrate joint efforts between English speaking constructions teams and Spanish speaking counterparts.

Enter Your Password:. They are ordered from most to least proficient, with Java being my best language and CSS and JavaScript being my newest languages Languages Apart from my native language of English, I have completed 5 years of Spanish Education In I went on a missions trip to Guatemala and while there I was able to communicate with the locals well enough to shop effectivly, and orchestrate joint efforts between English speaking constructions teams and Spanish speaking counterparts.

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daniel reasa (dreasa)

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My first job out of college was managing a dive shop. I learned the many rules of surviving underwater, but I was truly just an amateur diving enthusiast. She is far more comfortable below the waterline than above. Soon Sloan realizes she knows the victim and becomes embroiled in the crime—as an investigator and the investigated.

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Andrew Mayne is the absolute master of creating gutsy characters who thrive in extreme circumstances. I found myself almost gasping as I followed Sloan into the fantastical and shadowy underwater world. But I was careful to remember the first rule of scuba diving: never hold your breath.

See Editor Notes. Why her and not me? Jackie is, for the most part, content in her career and marriage. Their relationship sends Jackie into a tailspin of obsession, secrets, and questioning, leading her to truths that shatter the carefully constructed walls of her life. The suspense builds slowly, tensions mount with each page, and dark revelations come to light in shocking ways.

As Jackie is forced to examine everything she thought she knew about herself and those around her, she realizes we all have a story to tell.

We often keep those stories close, but opening ourselves to others is the only way to find the ending we deserve. I saw a heartwarming story recently about a woman who took in a teenage boy who showed up on her doorstep.

He needed shelter. She needed company. And a bond was formed. But where most people saw a feel-good story, she saw thriller inspiration. What if the teenager only looked innocent?

What if the homeowner had something else in mind? Charlotte Coburn is a shut-in with a tragic past. Teenaged Elle is a kid with a troubled upbringing. But letting Elle in is the right thing to do, Charlotte tells herself.Beethoven was definitely one of my biggest loves early on, but at that stage it was the orchestral and instrumental music rather than the vocal repertoire; Daniel Barenboim has been a huge inspiration, not only through his recordings but also through his live performances in Israel which I saw when I was young.

As a young soprano I had very natural coloratura, so the music of Handel and Bach seemed very easy for me - but Beethoven requires much more control of the middle voice, which tends to come later. You really have to keep the legato going, too, because the orchestration is usually somewhat thicker and more dramatic than his contemporaries, even moreso than Schubert: you always have to sing with a little bit more voice, a little bit more air.

If you look at Italian composers like Puccini, Donizetti and Rossini, they all avoid sitting around the top of the treble stave for too long - they write a lot of leaps from say E to A for soprano, whereas Beethoven will go straight for the F sharp and G and really park there, so one has to have a very clear vocal plan!

The album also explores a lighter side of Beethoven, which people might not know so well…. There is a lot of Haydn in it, in terms of the humour and sheer happiness in the music: we tend to associate Beethoven with seriousness, especially in his middle and later periods, but in the beginning perhaps he was more cheerful!

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If you think that what inspired him later on was something like Egmont - a heavyweight Goethe masterpiece about war, about liberty, about all the ideals that he was fighting for - it seems quite incredible to think that Beethoven would agree to write music for a play about a shoemaker. He wrote that in his early 20s, and it was inspired by another 'Immortal Beloved'; at the time he was infatuated with a soprano called Magdalena Willmann who was the daughter of a neighbour in Bonn, and he wrote her that piece as well as Primo amore.

They're very different, and I was quite surprised to discover that myself. The Fidelio is much shorter than the three-act version fromwhere Marzelline is a much bigger role, both dramatically and musically. The lines are very lyric, and it actually does sound like earlier Beethoven, so me for me it was very interesting to do it in connection with this album, which includes a lot of very early pieces — as early asfrom the time he was still in Bonn.

In the aria we see that Marzelline is a girl who is head-over-heels in love and who has a wild imagination — but also that she is very much a girl of her time who knows her place. And she says all of this to the disguised Leonore, who of course sees married life in a different way and is taking her life into her hands to rescue her husband But I would maybe consider singing Leonore in the earlier version: it very much depends on the venue, the orchestra, and the rest of the cast.

Are there prefigurations of Leonore in the other, lesser-known characters we meet on the album? Even in Ah, perfido! So Beethoven really pushes the boundaries in his depictions of women, in the same way that he pushed them in the length and structure of his symphonies and piano sonatas and string quartets: in his vocal music, too, he takes a step further in every way.

At what stage in your career did you start to explore Beethoven's vocal music? Might the role of Leonore attract you further down the line? Immortal Beloved: Beethoven Arias.Collaborators: W.

daniel reasa (dreasa)

Bonfield CambridgeBiomaterials R. Carpick Pennnano-mechanics R. Cramer WisconsinCivil Engineering, wood W.

Associated Partner*, Hamburg / Berlin Office

Drugan WisconsinTheoretical Mechanics D. Eyre Utah Mathematics of composites J. In memoriam, Milton Utah Mathematics of composites J. Park, Iowa Biomaterials A. Ruina Cornell Bicycle mechanics, walking, mechanics F. Scarpa Bristol, England Advanced materials and structures D. Stone WisconsinMaterials Science S. Swan Iowa Theory of Composites R.

Vanderby WisconsinBiomechanics. College page A. Wineman Michigan Rheology, continuum mechanics K. Wojciechowski Poznan, Poland Computational physics, advanced heterogeneous media including negative Poisson's ratio Other groups R.

Behringer Duke Physics of granular materials D. Bigoni Trento, Italy Solid mechanics L. Berlyand Penn State Mathematics, composite materials A. Cherkaev Utah Mathematics of composites R. Gibala Michigan Materials, internal friction R. Sigmund Lyngby, Denmark Topology optimization S. White Illinois Composites, self healing polymers. Theoretical study of the stability of composites. Study of vibration of materials with resonant ultrasound spectroscopy; synthesis of materials with controlled phase transformation.

Dong Li returns in ; development of advanced materials and characterization. Carlos Andrade joins us for the summer of Dan Reasa joins in Students, Associates, Scientists : X.He advises all range of clients on tokenization and blockchain-related business models, transactions and regulatory policy.

As part of his policy-related work, he has been directly involved in the legislative initiatives on the planned introduction of blockchain-based electronic securities as well as the regulation of digital assets custody under German law. Before joining SMP, Daniel was an independent advisor on economic and legal aspects of crypto assets.

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Cookie settings We use technologies such as cookies to provide you with the best possible service. Legal disclosure Privacy policy More information. Deny Accept.Reasa, D. September 17, November ; 86 11 : Cubic 3D lattices were designed, made by 3D printing, and studied experimentally. The second lattice was chiral with spiral ribs. The chiral lattice, but not the achiral lattice, exhibited squeeze-twist coupling with size effects.

The squeeze-twist coupling cannot occur in a classically elastic solid but is anticipated by theory in a Cosserat solid. Both lattices exhibited size effects in bending and torsion.

daniel reasa (dreasa)

Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In. Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Volume 86, Issue Previous Article Next Article. Research Papers. Reasa Daniel R. Department of Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin. Email: dreasa wisc. This Site.

Google Scholar. Roderic S. Lakes Roderic S. Email: lakes engr. Author and Article Information. Daniel R. Nov86 11 : 6 pages. Published Online: September 17, Article history Received:. Views Icon Views. Abstract Cubic 3D lattices were designed, made by 3D printing, and studied experimentally. Issue Section:. Search ADS. Krishna Reddy. You do not currently have access to this content.

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